How Much House Can You Afford?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make. A lot of planning and research goes into this process. However, this is not a process you have to undertake on your own. Make sure you gather your team…a successful Real Estate Agent and your trusted financial institution. JBT is here to be part of your team.

One of the first questions you will ask is…. How much home can I afford? This question revolves around how much mortgage you can afford to pay each month. If you're single, you will be your only source of funds. Make certain you've taken all your financial needs into consideration, like an emergency fund, for example. You won't have a spouse or co-owner to fall back on if finances get tight and an unexpected expense comes up.

Budgeting how much you can afford is especially important since what you can afford today, when you're buying, may not be what you can afford several years down the road. Think ahead and plan prudently. What will your income be like? Are new expenses on the horizon? Securing the right financing can mean the difference between affordable monthly payments and paying thousands of extra dollars over the life of the mortgage. This is where JBT comes into play. Our local Mortgage Experts are there to walk you through every step and help you make the best decision for your future.

Get pre-qualified with JBT today so that you know how much house you can afford!!!

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