Benefits of Choosing JBT for Your Mortgage

Buying a new home brings with it a significant amount of anxiety. “How much do I put down? How do I apply? Will I need to take off work to apply? What is all of this paperwork?” Choosing JBT to help you with your mortgage can help eliminate some of that tension.

All lenders have an understanding of underwriting criteria and the rules and regulations governing the mortgage process. However, JBT also can bring the added value of knowing the ins and outs of the local real estate market and understanding what is happening in the area economy. In some cases, JBT may even be able to find a way to help clients with a mortgage because of the added flexibility that the big mortgage companies do not have.



  • Quick pre-approvals to allow for new home shopping
  • Applications in person or online for purchases or refinances
  • Local decisions for a faster response
  • Local underwriters who understand the market
  • JBT lenders who help you through the entire process and are just a phone call away
  • Local servicing and support to make payments and answer questions

In addition to these benefits, many of JBT’s mortgage clients value having the simplicity of having their entire financial relationship at one institution.