Can I Get Help With Tuition Payments After Graduation?

College provided an education and a head start on your career, but it also left you facing student loans that can seem impossible to repay.

An iHelp loan with Student Loan Finance Corporation (SLFC), through local iHelp partner Jonestown Bank & Trust Co., is a great way to reduce your student loan payments.

You can consolidate your student loans, making your life simpler, and you may be able to even make lower monthly payments!

  • iHelp Student Consolidation Loan.
  • Single monthly payment.
  • Flexibility of fixed or variable rates.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • No origination fees.

Of course, you’ll want to understand how your interest rate, repayment benefits, deferment/forbearance options and other factors differ between your current federal student loan(s) and a private consolidation loan to help you determine if consolidating your federal student loan(s) into a private consolidation loan is in your best interest. Once federal student loans are consolidated into a private consolidation loan they are no longer under the federal student loan program.

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