CD Special

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Lock in this fixed-rate yield for all 36 months of your CD term. No fuss. No muss. Just a great savings rate you can count on day after day with JBT.  Do you think rates are on the rise? This option allows you to 'bump up' this CD rate one time (to the then higher rate) for the remainder of your 36 month term. Your rate is fixed for 36 months if the CD goes to full term. JBT can choose to call this CD prior to the scheduled maturity, if the bank doesn't, then you'll earn this yield.

Make the comfortable choice.

There are no bad eggs here. With any of these 3 special CD deals, you'll get great interest-earning power on FDIC-insured funds (up to federal limits). What more could a local saver want? So get crackin’ with your favorite CD choice today.


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*Penalty for early withdrawal. Annual Percentage Yields accurate as of 6/12/2017. Not good in conjunction with any other offer. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum deposit $500.00. Offer may be withdrawn without notice.

**You have the option of changing the interest rate in effect on this certificate of deposit (CD) one time during the initial term of the CD by signing an election form that sets forth the new rate and APY. The new rate must be selected from the non-promotional rate that is being offered at the time of change for new accounts of the same type and 36-month term. The new interest rate and corresponding APY will be effective from the date of the change to the maturity date of the CD.  The “bump-up” option can only be exercised once during the term of the CD and does not apply to subsequent renewals of the CD.

***This CD is subject to call (redemption) at JBT’s discretion on or after 3/31/18. If the CD is called, you will be paid the principal and interest accrued up to but not including the call date. No early withdrawal penalty will apply. Callable CD’s present different investment risks. If the CD is called prior to the maturity date, your return would be less than the yield the CD would have earned had it been held to maturity, and you may be unable to reinvest the funds at the same rate as the original CD.