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Please note: These are general guides only. Some Online Banking services mentioned within the presentations may not be available to JBT customers.

Attention Quicken & QuickBooks users!

Effective 5/13/2013, Quicken and QuickBooks users may encounter incompatibility issues due to this service upgrade. Before using either product, please see the appropriate links below to download important guides to instruct you on how to continue enjoying Intuit products with JBT Online Banking.

Quicken Support Links:

Quicken with WebConnect
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Quicken with WebConnect
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Quicken with Express
WebConnect for Mac

Quicken with Express
WebConnect for Windows

QuickBooks Support Links:

QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks for Windows

Intuit Support Links:

WebConnect post conversion
help guide

Post conversion support
request document

As of May 13, 2013, your JBT Online Banking experience has been changed for the better. We've enhanced our online banking system, navigation and security to deliver the best possible banking experience.

You will need to update how you access your online accounts, manage bill payments:

Quicken and QuickBooks users please see the important information on the left regarding possible issues you could have with the transition to our new Online Banking Service and how to correct them.


A) SCHEDULED ONLINE BILL PAYMENTS WILL BE PAID THROUGH MAY 15, 2013. Please note, even though scheduled payments were made as usual during the transition period, the record of payment may not appear on our new service when you first log in. Please do not attempt to pay the same bills again after the transition (or you may end up paying them twice). In addition, funds for electronic bill pay items will now be deducted from your account on the process date instead of the due date.

B) eSTATEMENTS: If you receive your JBT bank statements via JBT's Online Banking Service, you will receive an email notification each month when your statement is available. To access your eStatements you will be asked to set up a security phrase and a passcode. These are security measures that will allow you to recognize authentic emails sent from JBT and will confirm to us that you are able to view your statements electronically.

C) Now that the new service is in place, be sure to RE-ENROLL FOR eBILL SERVICE if you use that feature. Your eBill details were not carried over into the new system. If you do not re-enroll, you will begin receiving mailed paper bills. Likewise, your BILL PAY 'REMINDERS' WILL NEED TO BE RE-ESTABLISHED if you currently use that feature.

3. YOU WILL NEED TO ESTABLISH NEW SECURITY SETTINGS. Please follow these brief instructions when you attempt to log in:

A) USER ID: Your existing User ID will not change due to the transition.

B) PASSWORD: The first time you log in you will use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number on personal accounts. Business customers will use the last 4 digits of the Employer Identification Number.

C) USER AUTHENTICATION: JBT's new Online Banking Service uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure your account. MFA is an online security feature that is a standard part of your JBT Online Banking sign-in experience. As part of our ongoing commitment to help protect you against identify theft and fraud, MFA helps prevent unauthorized access to your accounts while reassuring you that you're at the valid JBT website. MFA consists of three parts: an image, a ‘cookie’, and three challenge questions that are secrets between you and JBT. All three parts help protect you, whether you're signing in to Online Banking from your own computer, or from somewhere else (such as work or a public library).

For frequent questions about MFA download the FAQ document here.

With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as the security standard, you will be prompted as follows:

  • You will see a 'watermark' image that is randomly assigned to you. You will have the opportunity to change the image. (You can also change your image anytime later under Settings.)
  • You may be asked to select 3 questions and provide answers to them. These MFA questions/answers will be used to 'challenge' you when logging in from an unrecognized computer or when doing any transaction over $2,500.
  • Once your MFA settings are accepted, you'll be ready to bank!


A) BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: We suggest you check to make sure your website browser version is compatible with new JBT Online Banking. You may check compatibility while online at:

B) POP-UP & COOKIE SETTINGS: Be sure you have pop-ups enabled and do not delete cookies. If set incorrectly, you will be prompted with MFA security questions and answers each time you attempt to login. (Refer to your web browser instructions for information on managing pop-ups and cookies.)

C) FAVORITE LINK: If you use a Favorite link as a shortcut to get to your account log-in page, you'll need to delete the old Favorite and establish a new one.

D) REMINDERS: If you rely on Reminders to help manage bill paying, you will need to re-establish all Reminders. We suggest you make note of your current alert settings, and then re-establish them.


A) When using the system, look for the question mark (?) symbols. These are HELP buttons. When clicked, you can access helpful information.

B) To access tutorials for the new JBT Bill Pay service, follow the links to the left.

C) Contact any JBT branch for personal assistance or send an email message to

We appreciate your understanding as we enhance online banking services. By completing the necessary steps provided, you'll help ensure that your new online experience is enjoyable, convenient and secure. We look forward to bringing you great new products and services in the future.


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